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School Manager is award winning end to end school management solution leading the industry for more than a decade in North American Region. From administration to tuition, income to expense School Manager is seamless to manage entire school system in this high-tech era.

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The Family Center is a central place where you can view and manage all of your family information and reports, and perform family related tasks.


The Child Center is a central place where you can view and manage all of your child information and reports, and perform child-related tasks.


The Employee Center is a central place where you can view and manage all of your employee information and perform related tasks.


The Accounting Center is central places to view and manage your school’s accounting and reports, and perform related tasks.


The Report Center is a central repository of all your reports and report information, and a central place to go to view, modify, print of your reports.

Fee Management

1. Fee Challan
  • Generating computerized fee challan by student and whole family wise and which would be automatically sent to parents.
  • This technology will help to completely disperse fee card system.
2. Highlighting Fee Defaulters
  • With a single click, you can identify fee defaulters and notify their parents timely and also system notify if the student been left and taking re-admission.
3. Fee Receiving
  • Computerized fee receiving by student.
  • Show student Debit & Credits.
  • Easily manage student waives fesses.


1. Digitalize Attendance System
  • You can easily mark the attendance lecturer and students on lecture wise and evaluate statistical reports(averages, percentages, charts etc. ) for every student and employees.
2. Automated Notifier
  • Campus ERP will automatically notify to parents about regularity of student on regular bases.
3. Highlighting Poor Attendance
  • Campus ERP Our system will automatically highlight the list of students with poor attendance. (Below average).

Efficient Communication

1. Circulars and Notifications
  • You can send notifications and circulars to students any time for free with no efforts instead of using hard copies.
2. Daily Topics Notifier
  • System will instantly notify students whenever a certain topic is delivered by lecturer in class.
3. Labs & Assignments
  • Teacher can convey assignment directly to students by using ap.

Employees Exposition

1. Curriculum Vitae
  • Holds personal, academics and professional information for every teacher.
2. Tracking Teacher’s Classes Taking
  • Teachers mark attendance at every lecture.
3. Tracking Teacher’s
  • Software can store the academic history, medical record, benefits and deductions efficiently.

Student’s Exposition

1. Student’s Bio Data
  • Database would contain Bio Data details of each and every student which can be accessed and updated by management anytime.
2. Student’s Progress
  • Student’s Progress will be updated on real-time basis according to their Class Attendance, Grades & Class Participation.
3. Students Medical Details
  • System store the students medical diseases details and medical prescription.
4. Students Pick & Drops
  • System store the students pick & drop according to the days.

Examination System

1. Exam Schedule
  • System create exams schedule and modify easily.
2. Exam Center & Blocks
  • Create Exam Center and divided them into blocks to manage students strength during exam.
3. Exams Progress
  • System store all the student academic exams and calculate progresses. assign grades and position automatically, on behalf of configured criteria.


Front Office



Human Resource


Student Life Cycle



Service Desk

Front Office

Admission Inquiries, Form Receiving, Admission Test, Admission Desk, Student Approval, Inform to inquirer at admission approved and granted.


System Policies, Academic Polices, User Management, HR Policies, Financial Polices, Inventory & Assets Policies.


Chart of account, General Ledger, Profit & loss, Balance Sheet, Petty Cash management, Bank Management, Cheque Book, Account Payable & Receivable, Waives, Journal Voucher, Accounts Journal, Enter Bills, Payment Voucher, Fee Refunds

Human Resource

Employee Profiling, skills, certificates, courses, Id cards, bank account, attendance, course & subject coverage, skill ratings, payroll integrated with finance, Employees Communication, Training, Engaged Classes, Committee Members, Additional Duties, Allow leaves, Benefits, Deductions.


Manage the procurement process and obtain goods and services in response to internal needs, supply base efficiently and effectively

Student Life Cycle

Personal Information, Medial profiling, Education history & documents, Diary, Home work, attendance, Fee & payments, Scholarship, Exam history, Assessments, Fee Structure, Scholarship, Transport, library, Complaints, Communication, Block history, Subjects & optional subjects, Course & syllabus coverage. Events, Extra Classes, Other Fee Payer.


Syllabus design, lecture planning, Exam schedules, exam syllabus, marks register, academic calendars, period schedules, timetable, course books, subject allocation, optional subject allocations, certificate types, certificate printing, marks sheets/results cards, Promotion, ID Cards.


Message Templates, Schedule Messages, Emergency Messages, Delivery/Read logs, Blogs & news.

Service Desk

Student’s facilitation desk that support students’ queries.

Extra Features Can Be Provide

IT Infrastructure Support
  • Providing and Designing of physical components (Computer and Networks).
  • Cloud monitoring, management, integration and cloud security(Information and Cyber Security).

Online Payment Integration
  • Online Payment Integration available where fee can pay via online mediums like mobile valet, online banking accounts, debit & credit cards, ATM.

Integration with Bank Account
  • Integration with bank account for easy and.
  • transparent transaction.

Web Development
  • Dynamic Web site for Campus development Integration of Campus ERP with Web site.

Lecture Planning/Designing according to Syllabus
  • Lecture Planning/ Designing by senior Professors/ PhD's according to the syllabus.

Feasibility reports
  • Complete feasibility report for opening of a campus with consultation of high level academic, finance, admin experts.

Branded SMS
  • SMS with Masking of Brand, No Quota limitation.
  • Can be department wise.

Marketing Support
  • Social Media Marketing, TVC’s, Branding, SEO, Digital.
  • Signage, Uniform designing, Class room designing.

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