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Vehicle Management System

Vehicle Management System is comprehensive Vehicle Management System that covers all aspects (acquisition through maintenance to disposal) relating to a fleet of Vehicles operated by companies, government institutions, or other organizations

VMS is a complex information system that gathers, stores, processes, monitors data and generates extensive MIS reports for management to have complete track of their vehicles and relevant expenses. VMS optimizes your business operations by removing redundancies and cutting unnecessary costs and avoiding recurring expenses.

VMS Setup

  1. Vehicle category (Van, Car, etc)
  2. Vehicle Cost Centre (Insurance, leasing, Tax, Tracking, Road Permit, etc)
  3. Auto-shops Setup (Dedicated shops)
  4. Vehicle Service (Battery, Tyre , Cleaning Services)
  5. Tracker company setup
  6. Automaker setup (Honda, Suzuki, etc)
  7. Repair Type Setup (Checkup, Repair, etc)
  8. Route Setup
  9. Filling Stations Setup
  10. Fuel Rate Setup (Day-wise Setup)
  11. Insurance company setup
  12. Leasing company setup
  13. Insurance Claim Setup
  14. Vehicle Driver/Authority Setup


  1. Complete Vehicle Information
  2. Vehicle relevant dues notification
  3. Insurance Information
  4. Depreciation Information
  5. Tax information
  6. Warranty Information
  7. Vehicle Snapshots
  8. Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  9. Repair & Maintenance Requisition (With and Without Approval)
  10. Repair & Maintenance Invoicing
  11. Fuel Sheets Management
  12. Delivery Challan (Vehicle Handover Detailing)
  13. Daily Fuel Expenses (Reimbursement Details)


  1. Vehicle Status Reports
  2. Insurance Details
  3. Leasing Details
  4. Tracker Company Details
  5. Taxes Details
  6. Depreciation Details
  7. Deliver Challan Details
  8. Repair & Maintenance Summary
  9. Vehicle Master Information
  10. Vehicle Authority Status & History (User-wise and Vehicle-wise)